The Return of Hawaii Shirts


Aloha! Yes, by that, we mean hello, but let’s talk about the other aspect of aloha, which is seen at all fashionable stops. You guessed it right; it’s aloha shirts, aka Hawaii shirts. Many people talk about these Hawaii shirts going out of trend. But oh boy! When did it ever go? Hawaii prints have always been in trend, one way or the other! Remember Leonardo Di Caprio showing off those fantastic floral print shirts? Yes, those are the Hawaii shirts! 

Sporting these shirts on your vacations, absolutely not limited to Hawaii, is the most fun you can get out of dressing up. But there is way more to Hawaiian shirts than just being fun. They are crafted with care at all points of their making. Here is everything you need to know about these evergreen Hawaii shirts and just how amazing they are!

The true essence of Hawaii shirts

Designers have always had their fun designing and experimenting with Hawaiian shirts. But in all these designs, we have all seen some things staying constant. Thanks to Musa Shiya the Shirtmaker, we have had the chance to sport these shirts for over 100 years. The first art of Hawaii shirts was seen during the 1920s in this Honolulu based store.

After that, every relaxing and casual party was recognized by these difficult to miss shirts. Soon all famous luxury to comfort designer brands had their eyes on this new invention and its potential. The fascinating thing for them was how appealing these designs look even when they haven’t abided by the minimalist trend of designing. The transformation of bright kimono fabric in this fun and still very bright shirt had everyone hooked in no time. 

The mass production of these shirts by big brands and unique handcrafted designs by luxury brands started to form one of the biggest and profitable sub-industries in the fashion industry. Yet even after all these years, some aspects of these shirts were never changed respecting the originality. Let’s see what those changes are:-

  • The colour schemes:

By color schemes, we mean the constant use of one solid color in the shirts, the most common ones being yellow and red. The shades have always been vibrant and not in a subtle way. Throughout the years, we have also seen some designs with shaded or blended colors, but they all still maintained the bright quality of these shirts.

  • The prints:

The shirt’s visuals are incomplete, with the classic prints seen right from the origin of Hawaiian shirts. Large prints of different pretty flowers are seen on these shirts initially. Then over the years, the prints were recognized to be more beach themed. This opened up a door for several new designs.

These new designs have beaches, waves, shores, cocktails, sunsets or sunrises, palm trees, flamingos or seagulls and other vacation-related things included in them. They are repetitive and in the exact large sizes as the traditional prints. The colour of the prints is selected to complement the color of the shirt.

  • The patterns:

Hawaii shirts have always been short length shirts with no additional cuts in the bottom. They have buttons throughout the length, and some modern shirts only have a few in the start to make a pullover pattern possible. Many of them have pockets in the chest area, and they are sewed in carefully to keep the prints uninterrupted.

The sleeves are typically cut short above the biceps, but many brands these days have always designed full-sleeved shirts to match customers’ preferences. Their pattern is designed to be loose around the body since its primary goal is to keep us comfortable and free to move around during our vacations. 


How to style Hawaii shirts for your vacations?

The best thing about Hawaiian shirts is there are absolutely no restrictions or limitations about who can wear them. They suit and complement all body shapes, all genders, any age, and any skin tone. While these shirts are more than enough to get you numerous compliments, a few styling choices can get you the best-dressed title, too, in no time. Here are some tips to flaunt your Hawaii shirts in the most excellent way:-

  • Go with the flow—literally:

Pairing these beautiful shirts with pants isn’t a difficult task, but which type of pants look the best with them? Don’t fret; we have the answer! Choose flared-up/bell-bottoms pants to get the retro Honolulu vibe you want for the party. Or you can also choose wide end shorts if you prefer short lengths. 

These flowy pants styles complement the shirts in the most beautiful ways. You can tie a knot at the end of the shirt to balance the focus of both pieces. Tucking it in works as well. Try selecting solid colours for the bottom wear since Hawaiian shirts fulfil the print’s requirements.

  • Get ready for dinners:

Dinners on vacations are genuinely the most confusing aspect of vacations. You have to choose and curate an outfit with the right balance of formal and informal pieces. So how can you inculcate Hawaiian shirts into these semi-formal outfits? The solution is easy; you have to suit up simply!

Use full sleeves Hawaiian shirts and pair them with your informal blazers or jackets to find the perfect mix of clothes. This is how you can get the best of both worlds while successfully sticking to your vacation theme.

  • Don’t forget the accessories:

A fun vacation outfit is all about the accessories you can not wear in your day to day life. So don’t hesitate and go crazy with the shell themed earrings and accessories, the random scarf in your hair, those stringed hand bracelets and so on. These funky vacation-themed accessories are the last key to complete your outfit.

The return of Hawaii shirts has everyone scouting for chances to wear and adorn them. So don’t just get excited, instead plan a getaway with your friends or family or both and create an opportunity for yourself. Oh, and don’t forget to shop and back your Hawaii shirts, aloha!


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