Sizing of Shirts and Care Instructions

Hey all!

Sizing of shirts between Aloha shirt brands are incredibly different. It's one of those things in life that don't always make sense and may never. So here's the right info, about your shirt, directly from us.

Think about your T-Shirt size and go one size up. If you're a SMALL size in a typical hanes t-shirt, then more likely than not, you're a MEDIUM in Ninth Isle sizing. Simple rule of thumb right?

Care instructions:


Cotton: Easiest thing in the world. Whatever you want to do with it because it'll shrink 0.5 inches as most in both directions--and that's it. It probably doesn't need to be said, but just in case, do not bleach unless you want the shirt to lose all color. 

Rayon: This is like silk, but easier to take care of. 

Cold water wash, but hand wash in cold water is preferred. 



Cotton: Anything is fine! 

Rayon: Hang dry preferred or very gentle and low heat tumble dry. If you put this on high heat, only a strict diet will make the shirt fit again. This is a luxurious fabric like silk and needs to be cared for like silk. 

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