The best sand in the world

Ok fine, maybe not in the whole world. We can't say that because no one here has actually traveled to more than even 50% of the world. But definitely the best sand in Hawaii!

All beaches are not created equal. Sand is the foundation of a beach and without it, a beach would just be a shore line, unfit for bare feet and play. A beach without quality sand is really only suitable for commercial boats and unhappy people. 

Take it from us, sand makes a huge difference. You're looking for the finest sand for those vacation feet of yours. Grains of sand as fine a flour and underwater mounds that are softer than those over priced tempurpedic pillows (no offense).

If you've seen the Ebenezer Scrooge of beaches, you know its like walking on gravel. Actually, it might even be gravel. This grumpy, cheap, and unforgiving beach isn't one to be visited except by a few ghastly tourists during Christmas. Admittedly, there are a couple beaches like this, mainly . Oahu's Waikiki beach. Ok, so I exaggerate...Waikiki's beach is good, but not compared to this special place in Kailua Beach, Oahu. This is a special mention for that itty bitty luxurious part of the Kailua beach that is more than worth an hour of searching. 

When you finally find the right spot at the beach and plant your feet on that soft underwater mound of sand, you'll feel like you just stepped on incredibly soft dough that massage your feet with the faintest and gentlest cloud of sand. Close your eyes and you'll suddenly feel like the chocolate chip (or macadamia nut) of the ocean's natural soft cookie. It's an experience that perhaps only the Pillsbury Doughboy when he does dough commercials. 

Plan to make Kailua beach a stop on your vacation and be prepared to be adventurous, find smaller beaches around the area or even ask for directions to that sweet sandy spot. It's a bit of a secret, so be willing to work to find it. And trust us, like the jar of cookies that are just out of reach, it is heaven once you take a bite out of the cookie that is the heavenly underwater sand mound. Expect wonders from this experience. If people look at you weird for standing in the middle of the ocean with a satisfied look on your face, let them be. Your sweet revenge is that you are keeping your spot a secret. It's your cookie. You don't have to share it. 

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