Things to pack for your trip to Hawaii

  1. Sunblock
  2. Slippers (Slippahs)
  3. Tons of summer clothes
  4. 1 or 2 sweaters/long pants
  5. Swim suits
  6. Flashlight and Mosquito repellent
  7. Sneakers
  8. Alcohol
  9. Aloha Shirt
  10. Sunglasses


Yes, it makes you look and smell dorky, but at least you don’t have cancer.


What to sound local? Say Slip-aas otherwise spelled as Slippahs. You need these. At home, beach, out in the town, etc.

Tons of summer clothes:

Shorts, skirts, t-shirts, tank tops, regular thickness or thin polo shirts, dresses, cardigans, regular or thin socks, a summer type hat, and whatever else is thin and breathes well. The best material to wear is cotton for its wonderful breathability. Those quick dry athletic wear materials are good too. 

1 or 2 Sweaters/Long Pants:

Sometimes you have to be in business casual so we understand. Otherwise, do not bring long pants unless you get cold in 70-80 degree weather.

Swim suit:

Actually, you should bring one and buy one. Bring one because you will swim ASAP. Buy a Hawaiian print one because it’s unique. I recommend two for days of consecutive swimming.

Flash Light and Mosquito repellent:

For those pre or post sunlight hikes, you’ll need a flashlight. Seriously, it’s actually pretty dangerous, even on the move paved hikes. Mosquito repellent because like you, the mosquito is always active! The mosquitos aren’t incredibly large, but there are a lot and the small ones are quick.


Preferably some throwaways. You’ll be getting them wet, muddy, stinky, dirty, or sandy.


This one isn’t for everyone. If you don’t drink, kudos! If you do, then this piece of advice will save you money. Bring your own liquor if you have extra room. Hawaii has a couple of unique Hawaiian brews, but just beers and liquor is all the same. Alcohol tax is high and it’s never cheap to ship to Hawaii. If you have the space, pack it, and pack it tight.

Aloha Shirt:

Wait, does that make sense? Well, once you get off the plane, you’ll find that you will likely get a lei (a flower garland) if you have a friend or a company pick you up. You’ve got one chance to take a picture with a lei and an Aloha shirt at the airport. The next time will be when you leave and that’s rarely as exciting as the arrival.


Sunglasses are important! If you drive, you’ll literally drive straight through eye burning sun lasers on the freeway (yup, freeway. No tolls).polarized sunglasses are the best, but it doesn’t matter really, just be safe. Oh and one last thing, if you drive, come with a vacation attitude, but if you’re in Honolulu, traffic is a big part of your vacation too. Enjoy!



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