Big and Tall: Comfort to the Next Level

When it’s ridiculously hot outside and you’re going through your clothes, you need a shirt that will allow you to feel the cool ocean breeze when you take that walk along the beach. You need an aloha shirt that can enhance your quality of life. We started a line, big and tall, so you can not only be comfortable, but feel comfortable as you tour the islands and participate in the Hawaiian festivals. This easy to put on shirt has buttons in the front so if you are in a hurry, you can quickly put the aloha shirt on and go on your way.

Big and tall shirts are good even outside of Hawaii. You can wear it whenever you want to. If you have just gotten out of surgery, it can be hard to feel comfortable wearing your regular clothing. With the big and tall aloha shirts, you don’t have to strain to put the shirt on; instead enjoy your day worry free. So why don’t you get your worry-free, full of happiness aloha shirts from the big and tall section? Sizes range from 3XL to 7XL, good for all sorts of people of all ages. We offer a range of colorful option for your perfect aloha shirt. Pick some good for the festivities and some for regular wear. Get yours now!

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  • Oh! I hadn’t thought about wearing it after surgery! This is perfect. It’s a perfect gift for the nurses!


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