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COVID-19 - Hawaii's current situation


TLDR: All people arriving to Hawaii must quarantine for 14 days in their hotel or airbnb (as of March 28th, 2020). Ruined vacation. Check Hawaii's government info site for most up-to-date info: https://health.hawaii.gov/coronavirusdisease2019/what-you-should-know/current-situation-in-hawaii/
Hawaii's stay-at-home order for residents tentatively lasts until April 30th, 2020. Maybe you can travel after this date! Fingers crossed. 

More info below:

Here is an update for all of you out there who have travel plans to Hawaii during that pandemic. 


As of 3/28/2020:
Total cases: 151 (29 new)
Hawai’i County: 10 (3)
Honolulu County: 108 (19)
Kaua’i County: 11 (6)
Maui County: 16 (0)

As you would expect, the rate of new cases is still increasing. However, we expect that this will slow down soon. On March 25th, Hawaii issued a mandatory stay-at-home order for residents. All people flying into Hawaii will be required to do a 14 day quarantine. This can change if the numbers start looking better. April 30th is the end of the stay-at-home order, so if your trip is after April 30, it seems possible that the mandatory quarantine will be removed.

Keep updated by checking our Ninth Isle Blog Posts and through Hawaii's government website: https://health.hawaii.gov/coronavirusdisease2019/what-you-should-know/current-situation-in-hawaii/

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