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Detailed Washing Instructions - 4 Layer Mask with Nose Bridge Wire


We have been hard at work making these masks! But in all of the rush in production, we have not given detailed enough instructions on washing these masks! There's a particular technique required in order to keep your nose wire in tact. NOTE: This is only for the 4 layer surgical style mask. 

1. Hand Wash Only

2. When washing, you must use a approved detergent to kill all kinds of pathogens. In our current pandemic, you can use this list of detergents that have been tested to be effective. 


3. Don't be stingy on the detergent, better to use a bit too much than a bit too less. Don't leave a single virus. The soap will breakdown the virus defenses and leaves it vulnerable. 

4. Ideal temperature to kill the virus is 140F. That's really hot. Do NOT hand wash in 140F water. Use water that is as hot as you can handle without feeling pain. The hot water comes in later.  

5. Proper handling of the nose wire is absolutely critical. When hand washing, please hold the side with the nose wire. This hand will be holding that side and not allowing it to bend too much and definitely not allowing that side to be twisted. Just like a paperclip, it's not that easy to bend this wire back into shape. 

6. With your other hand, you can use it to hand wash and scrub the mask. Be gentle with the short sides of the mask. It is sergered, which can be a little fragile. Snip away the loose and broken strings,try not to rub them too much. 

7. With all the soapy goodness, we encourage you to have boiled up some water. After it reaches boiling, we recommend letting it cool off the heat for about 10-15 minutes. After 25 minutes, it would be too cool to help kill the bacteria. Pour over the mask gently to remove the soap. The vulnerable virus will no longer be viable.

8. Lastly, drying the mask in the sun will be a great way to disinfect. If you want to put it in the dryer, please don't. This is not recommended as the nose-wire may get too bent out of shape. 

It's not the fastest way to do things, but it is the way to make your mask last as long as possible! Each mask takes a lot of care to make, it is definitely worth it to put care into maintaining it. 


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  • I am pleased to notify you of our receipt of the 30 face masks that just arrived. You were helpful in tending to my special request and processing the order ASAP! The masks are of good quality and exactly what we were looking for.

    Thank you!


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