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DIY Hat Trick - Face Mask Pain Relief


Have you seen the new face mask hat? The hat where you can hook your face mask to and not sacrifice your ears? Here's a photo:

Hat with a button

It's such a simple thing and so effective! There's no way we stayed up until 3am to figure this out and hand sew the button on right? ...

What's great about hats in general is that not only do they shade the face, they also reduce the obviousness of bags under the eyes. 

We sell this hat, but not because it's the most special hat and that it is a must have for every single person. We sell his hat because we know that there are so many of us who have a valid reason why sewing a button is just not feasible. No button, no thread, no needle, no time, no experience, or maybe too many bad experiences. Whatever the case, you can purchase it here for $15.  

If you can make it, here are the instructions:

1. Grab a hat.

2. Grab a Button that matches the hat color.

3. Grab a sewing kit with a needle a thread that matches the hat color and some chalk or some kind of tool to non-permenantly mark your hat.

4. Put on the hat to measure where the button will go. 

5. Feel for the top most part of your ear where it is attached to your head. 

6. From that point, move straight up and onto the hat. 

7.  Your finger should be about 1 inch from the edge of the hat. With your other hand, mark the hat. Do this again but with the other side. 

8. Take the hat off and review your marks. Are the lopsided? You must have a weird shaped head. 

9. I'm kidding about the head shape! It's always lopsided, just make it symmetrical on the hat. You want to then mark a spot 1 inch closer to the back of the hat for both marks. Test it out with a hat and face mask, see if the elastic band is touching the top bridge between your ear and head. It shouldn't be touching. Remember, if you sew the buttons lopsided, it'll bother you until you fix it, like wearing 1 long sock and 1 short sock. -Shudder-

10. Once you've finagled the button to the right place on both sides, go ahead and sew the button on! 

11. If you've read this far in the instructions, it's probably because you were waiting to learn how to sew a button. After point 10, you realized you're in the wrong place. Here's a great resource we found for you! Why was this video chosen? You can see that huge button too right? That's a button worthy of a king!


Still have questions? Email your question to service@ninthisle.com. Always happy to help! Please stay safe and I hope you can make your own! But if not, we have a few hats with buttons available. 

Mahalo and stay safe!

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