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Hawaiian Pullover Shirts - What are they?


You may have seen these Hawaiian 3 button polo shirts. It might be on our homepage, but who's checking. You may wonder why this is such a popular item among the locals. It's not loose fitting like the Aloha Shirts, definitely isn't as mainstream. When visitors arrive, they all go for a traditional 5 button, 1 pocket, box cut Aloha Shirt. So why this polo? 

Pros and Cons of the Pullover (Polo) Aloha Shirt:

Pro 1: This is a business casual Aloha Shirt. Don't believe me? Head to any of the high glass skyscraper buildings and you'll find plenty of professionals with these Pull Over Aloha Shirts with dress pants and black dress shoes. Hawaiian Friday, Casual Friday, or Aloha Friday are all acceptable occasions to sport your Hawaiian Pullover Aloha Shirt.  

Check out Hawaii Governor David Ige at a press conference (on right)

Governor David Ige - Courtesy of CNN.com

Photo Credits to CNN

Pro 2: The top button and side hem slits. That's right, there's a top button that you'd never find on a typical Aloha Shirt. It's a nod to the first pro, this shirt is more business appropriate. Those side hem slits are there for comfort when sitting. 

Pro 3: No tuck business attire. 

Con 1: Definitely less freedom than an Aloha Shirt. It is a regular fit non-stretch polo shirt. 

Con 2: ...Let us know in the comments! We couldn't think of other significant drawbacks compared to other polo shirts or aloha shirts. 


This is a great office and field shirt to wear on those casual fridays or Hawaiian theme parties. It's a middle point between work and vacation. You can't really go too wrong with this Pullover Aloha Shirt--not for black-tie events. 

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