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How to clean and kill germs and viruses


We are lucky the CDC is doing a great job pushing new information to the public! This is the link to their official site:


But it's sometimes a little too long to read. Here's the breakdown:

1. List of disinfectants: https://www.epa.gov/pesticide-registration/list-n-disinfectants-use-against-sars-cov-2 
Most of Clorox products (wipes, sprays, etc)
Purell Surface Wipes
And tons more. There's a search bar in the CDC website to help you find the product. 

2. Bleach - If expired, it will NOT kill viruses. Invest in a new bottle of it is past expiration date. 1/3 cup of bleach per gallon and use to wipe. Pretty easy, no need to fight over those clorox wipes. LEAVE ON SURFACE FOR AT LEASE 1 MINUTE. 

3. Soft Furniture like Carpets and cloth sofas: Use your normal cleaning solutions or soap and water. You can also use appropriate disinfectants in that CDC list in point 1.

BE CAREFUL! Read the instructions to make sure the product is compatible. If you're not sure, test by applying a little to a spot that is not noticable. If there's a problem, at least it is hidden and you didn't ruin the whole furniture. 

4. Electronics: Use a wipe from the products in the CDC website, or 70% alcohol and a paper towel. 

5. Laundry: Warmest allowable water. For most cotton, hot water will shrink it, but it's not too bad. If you have silk, rayon, wools of any kind, or other luxurious materials, please do NOT wash in hot water. Use enough detergent, delicate wash, and hang dry in the sun. The UV rays will kill the virus and bacteria. Note:  UV Rays from the sun will harm the colors and material a little, but it is worth it. 

Alternative to the sun is to treat your laundry as INFECTED even after drying and store in a separate bin for at least 5 days. According to WebMD, that's so far the longest the virus can live on any surface that they tested. Clothes can have metal, plastic, ceramic, even types of glass. Please use 5 days to be safe. 


For our Hawaiian Shirts and Dresses, cold water wash + hang dry in the sun will work best. Never use bleach!

That's all! Clean surfaces as often as possible, it is only clean until the next person touches it. In this crisis, the battlefield is often your own home. 

Stay safe everyone!


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