UPDATE: Newly Updated Scrub Tops!

Kids Face Masks are now available!


Many of us have asked for children's face masks and we are finally ready to release a few designs! We are sorry for not making it earlier, we were so busy catching up with orders that we just didn't have time for it. As it turns out, we are now a little ahead of schedule and have some time to make something for our precious little ones. We only make these in the 3 layer style because it is manageable to sew and because it's simpler for children to use and get used to. A lot of thought went into figuring the right proportions, but we aren't perfect. Email us if you have any suggestions to improve anything about the design! We want to make it as comfortable as possible so your kids won't be fussing and touching their face every 5 minutes. 

If you don't mind, please share your insights with us by emailing us at service@ninthisle.com. 

By the way, the Hibiscus Bird of Paradise design has a matching adult's face mask. If you end up matching and looking absolutely precious, please send us a photo so we can share with everyone! 

Take care and stay safe!

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