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New Product: Reflective Scrunchie... ?


This product is a bit out there. We aren't completely sure how this will be received. We know that so many of us have extra time and are properly filling that extra time with healthy running. So we thought, maybe it's a good time to be promoting safety on the road while running. This scrunchie is made just like any other, but it has a highly reflective property. Exactly the same as the strips of reflective material that you see on those high visibility vests on our civil engineers, construction workers, and traffic directors. 

Reflective Scrunchie Product Page

We didn't use flash to take this photo. If we did, the bright reflection would leave some light spots in our eyes. If you're running at night with this, especially if you're running on a road without a sidewalk, you'll want this while running so cars behind you can spot you from hundreds of feet away. 

Taken with Flash                   Taken without Flash

We tried our best to capture the difference. At first, we tried to take a photo of it in a night setting, but it was almost like trying to take a photo of a lit lightbulb at night. 

During this time, safety is the most important. Whether it is stopping the spread or being visible to cars, let's keep each other safe. 

Let us know what you think of this product! We would love to hear your opinions, good, bad, needs improvement, or if we should start to make this a regular product. Don't worry, we are good at taking criticism, our hearts can handle it! 

Let us know!

Take care, stay safe, and Mahalo! 



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