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Spending Time in Quarantine - 10 Productive Things to Do at Home


If you're in a state that requires you to stay home like Hawaii, then my condolences!

Keeping in home 24/7 is difficult, but here's a list of things to do IN-HOME and AT-HOME that will make every day more colorful. Not listed in any particular order. 

Sleeping Solutions - We have much more time to sleep, even the ability to nap. But do you have any discomforts? Parts of the bed that uneven, leading to pains or uncomfortable positions? Chances are, the edges of the bed are drooping. All mattresses will have this issue. Now might be a good time to improve your sleeping quality. Consider inserting weighted blankets, folding it to double up on thickness and stability in needed areas. Maybe adjust your pillows. You'd be surprised how much fluffier or firmer you can make a pillow by just undoing the seams and adding cotton or subtracting it. If you already have 2 head pillows, take this time and combine them. You'll even have a space pillow case by the end of it. 

Critical Documents - You've got documents that are more or less organized, this can be improved though. Fire+water proof document storage is a huge must for your most important documents. Social Security Cards, Passports, Mortgages, Deeds/Titles, Contracts, Product / Home / Car Warranties, etc. Compare for the best size and price for storage and you'll feel safer and ready for any emergencies. 

Home Exercise - Imagine meeting with friends for the first time in a while and wow-ing them with a new healthier glow. If you don't already have any home exercise equipment, there are plenty of exercises that use only your own bodyweight. Using your bodyweight is a good way to get fit without worrying about unbalanced body proportions. Yoga, pilates, push ups, sit up (and they dozens of sit up variations), lunges, and the millions of other exercise routines. You've got time and no matter what you do, be safe. 

Cooking - Everyone can cook, but very few of us are true masters. It's obviously not a great idea to be feasting as it would require you to re-stock more frequently,  not to mention the extra exercise needed. Instead, consider practice in the individual cooking techniques to bring your daily meals to a new playing field. Searing, Seasoning, Broiling, Marinading, Tenderizing, Egg making, Braising, Meat/Vegetable Cutting, etc. Every small thing in cooking has a best practice. We might need to ration our food, but no one said we needed to suffer. 

Home Improvement - Utilize the power of the internet and find items that will make your daily activities faster, easier, and smarter. With everything online and at the click of a mouse, there's no excuse to be stagnant. Knife storage system, Intelligently designed Dish Racks, Seasoning pots and pans the right way, Seasoning your cutting board with mineral oil (food grade), Organize the messy wires, add artificial or live plants indoors, Small Paint or Caulking jobs (baseboards, cabinetry, etc), Repair Squeaky Everythings (doors, cabinets, faucet handles, floorboards, chairs, everything), Fixing drippy faucets and noisy toilets, Smart Home Improvements, etc. *Special mention for Smart Home Improvements, just having dimmable smart lights in the bedroom make a huge difference. Dim or power on/off with just your voice means you don't need to get up and re-wake your body. 

Taxes - Good luck. This is equivalent to summer vacation Homework. 

Art - Drawing, Painting, Watercolors, Spray Paint, Videography, Photography, Home Decor, Sculpting, Topiary/Landscaping, Music making, 

Website - Build that website you've always wanted. Reserve your name as a website and make it something you're proud of. A website is becoming an extension of your resume and in many professions, an essential portfolio. How you make your website can show more than just skills, but also personality and professionalism. Take your time making it, chances are, you'll have lots of time, at least an hour a day?

Spring Cleaning - Instead of a day long hustle, go room by room making everything just right. A clean and clutter-free space is an immediate mood booster. Budget a week for this. Every single room deserves a good cleaning and re-organizing. At the end, you'll have visible pride and exercise. 

Study - Studying is not just for students! It's a great time to do those online courses, but if you don't want to, then some DIY research will still take you far. Advance your knowledge in your field of expertise, practice your skills, learn about the new cutting edge technology and techniques, discover your own mistakes and flaws, refine your communication skills, expand your breadth of knowledge, learn how to avoid run on sentences. I'm working on that last one. 

Bonus Suggestion: Write your book. Believe it or not, everyone has an interesting story. They say writers are made, not born. You don't need to win any prizes, but you never know just how far you can go until you start. 


This is our top 10 + 1 things to do in or at home, if you have suggestions or comments, write them below. It's great to help each other during this monotonous yet historical time. 






  • Hi Gail! You’ve touched on a key point! There definitely needs to be some better communication between the Hawaii State and Tourists. Everyone’s is really hurt by this virus, I hope we can all keep each other safe!

    Stay home everyone! Go out only when needed and always with a mask. You’re protecting yourself and all your neighbors and loved ones.

    Ninth Isle
  • Not fair you keep letting the world come to paradise supposed to be quarantined at hotel… right… who’s the guard protector for us when they don’t stay in their room for our 14 day quarantine??? Before leaving home airport or on arrive see if they even have hotel reservations for more than 14 to start with. Your killing us letting them in!!!!

    Gail Maes

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