About Us

      The Ninth Isle is Hawai'i's last island in the chain of eight. We don't quite have a Hawaiian name for this island yet; we thought up a mix of Oahu and Maui-- Oaui (Ow-ie). But for the sake of not being a scrape or booboo, we'll stick with "Ninth Isle." So, you've guessed it, there is no physical "Ninth" island of Hawaii (the rainbow map might've given that away), but there should be. If there were, it would be the place of sunsets and rainbows with dolphins and turtles surfing the Pacific's palette while you sip your drink from a sweet chilled coconut in a comfy beach chair fit for a king. There's also the warm year round summer breeze and ocean waves that keep you hot and comfortably cool while the sun sprays free natural tans for that golden crisp look that the canned tans just don't do right. Just kick back and relax; no shoes, no shirt, no worries. You can find them later. "The world is my oyster," you say as you suckle down that mini sized world and toss the remains with other shells of the universe. This is the life. Or is it?

      How much of that dream was real? How much of it can be real when that coconut was probably grown in India and the royal beach chair likely imported from China? Not to fear. The dream is real. The paradise is there. But even dreams like this can be forgotten, and so tradition dictates the need for mementos. These precious testimonials to your very real dream bind together memory and emotion of your life in paradise. A memory worth its mental weight in gold.  However, at times, it is fool's gold; that Hawaiian shirt you bought in Honolulu was made in the Philippines or--god forbid--made in China. Your golden memories of Hawai'i are lost because the memento does not testify. It is important to have a keepsake made in Hawaii to bring back the paradise. Finding these 'Made-in-Hawaii" items can be like finding the hay in the needle stack. It is as painful as it sounds to find that hay to bring home. 

     The Ninth Isle is the place for memories to be remembered, where you can revisit your cloud nine adventures with full confidence that everything you see is made in and on Hawaii by the Hawaiians who happily share their culture. Minus the human sacrifices. While on the Ninth Isle, we guarantee you safety from carnivorous and flora-vorous volcanoes, while guaranteeing the authenticity of Hawaii by collecting the real items of the eight islands.