Business Shipments

Package Handling:


Your package is handled with the utmost care and Aloha. We make it so you can have fun on our site and be relaxed through the shipping process.

Shipping Costs are calculated at the end in order to pass on the best savings on shipping. 


Package Tracking via USPS

Package Tracking:

Information and security is a critical part of our service. Rest assured you will receive both email confirmation and delivery confirmation with tracking numbers. From there, it is possible to even get automated emails or texts from to get updates every step of the way. 

If there's trouble beyond our control, we will initiate a package investigation with USPS for you. If this ever happens, don't worry, there's insurance; free of charge of course. 

Package Insurance:

Even if we pray to the Tiki Gods, there will still be those highly unlikely, but unavoidable events, where USPS loses or damages a package. To protect you, we insure all packages above $200 on your behalf at no extra cost. 

Our quality rests upon our ability to prepare your order quickly, accurately, and safely. We don't skimp on the tape quality and we always have tracking info and insurance. If anything seems amiss, you can always email our main shipping guy directly at 

We work hard to remove guesswork from our shipments to make your work that much less stressful.