"100 Sunsets" Hawaiian Car Seat Covers - Set of 2

Winnie Fashion


The "100 Sunsets" Hawaiian Car Seat Covers are made with care and aloha. These universal seat covers are the first line of defense and often times the only defense needed. In the event the seat covers need washing, simple cold water and low temp tumble dry is all you need. No hassles. Simple 3 minute installations are a breeze, but if you have any questions, we are happy to answer. For extra stability, we have elastic loops ready for fixing onto any latch-able part of the under-seat. Lastly, if your car has side airbags, we have an option for that too. For your safety, we recommend selecting the side airbag if you have them. If you have detachable/movable headrests, consider our special product by searching "100 Sunsets" Hawaiian Car Seat Covers with Separate Headrests Covers.