Kauai Coffee - Peaberry - Medium-Dark Roast - 1 lbs

Ninth Isle


Kauai Coffee - Peaberry - Medium-Dark Roast - 1 lbs is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Medium/Dark Roast - WHOLE BEAN 

Peaberry is cream the the crop. Only 5% of an entire coffee crop will develop into the naturally more flavorful, full-bodied gourmet coffee bean. It is even a wisp sweeter than the normal coffee bean. 

What is a peaberry? A peaberry is like a twin cherry, or an egg with two yolks. What should have been 2 beans, grew to be one beautifully flavorful big bean. 

We recommend drinking it Black. You'll be getting all that unique Hawaiian flavor directly and boldly. 

Looking for a higher caffeine fix? Cold brew it! Cold brews are smooth, easy, and very strong. Cold brew by grinding the bean coarsely and leave in your refrigerator for 14-24 hours. Cold brew grind should be the size of coarse salt.