Kiawe BBQ Taro Chips

Hawaiian Chip Company


These chips are gourmet with a real personality. If you've never tried these chips before, you may find it hard to believe. 

How to best enjoy:

1. Add your own flavors to the BBQ or Taro Chips. 
2. Make a dip with sour cream, salsa, guac, or even alternatives like greek yogurt. 
3. Do not enjoy in a library or smuggle into movie theaters. There is no hiding that delectable crunch. 

These chips crunch like you've never crunched before. These are thick slice chips that delivers a satisfying, and sometimes shocking, snap. 

Taro makes for a beautiful chip, it's the off-white chip with amazing purplish/reddish lines. Those decorative colors are fully natural, taro is just a beautiful food. These chips are thicker than potato chips and have a deliciously smooth and refined taste that travels slowly across the taste buds. 

Okinawan Sweet Potatoes are special. Are they Hawaiian? No, but this favorite sweet potato is a luxury and a favorite in Hawaii. If you've tried simple, basic steamed sweet potato, you can imagine that sweet potato flavor packed into a compact audible flavor. 

We had a bit too much to say about these chips, long story short, try them, we think you'll be happy.