Red Hawaiian Tapa Car Seat Covers - Set of 2

Winnie Fashion


Hawaiian car seat covers are unique, exotic, economical, and protection all in one! Car seats have a natural enemy and these seat covers protect against the most heinous ones, namely food, sand, dirt, pets, and kids. Soccer Moms and Dads, you work in a dangerous world, use protection. It helps that in the Hawaiian culture, "Honu," the sea turtle, is a sign of good luck. You may very well need it. 

These car seat covers go over front seat headrests for a more uniform and uninterrupted design.
Hooks are made available at bottom of seat cover to increase the stability of the seat cover.

Front (part with design) is made with Microfiber material that is:
-Machine washable
-Water Resistant

Back (This part is black) is made of spandex, which gives that seat-tight fit.