Turtle Trio Tapa Hawaiian Aloha Shirt

Ninth Isle


65% Polyester / 35% Cotton
Wrinkle-Resistant Poly Cotton - Wash and Wear, no ironing needed in between. 

This tapa tells the tale of a solo voyager's rough journey on the pacific ocean. After following the stars for 4 nights, the voyager spotted a honu (Hawaiian green sea turtle) and followed. Then he spotted a second turtle, and then a third. The voyager followed the turtles knowing an island reef must not be far. While following the third turtle, ferns, leaves, and sometimes hibiscus floated on by. The land was not far. 

We add a special unique finishing touch to our shirts, real coconut buttons. Yes, we can make buttons from coconuts. And we did. Each button is different from the next, just as each wave that hits the shore is different from the last. They're unique, but oh so similar. 

The voyager's journey was recorded on this tapa cloth and continues to tell the tale into the modern-day.