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Hawaii is one of those destinations where each one has something to do. The beach, the festivities, the famous hula dance, the evergreen Aloha shirts, the culture with a tinge of modernity- everything is just so beautiful! Also, did you know that Hawaii is the only state in the United States which manufactures its coffee? There are plenty of things made explicitly in Hawaii, and there is even a festival held in Hawaii to celebrate the same! 

Hawaii is a place that, although it looks pretty modern, still has its culture intact. There are many festivals that Hawaii celebrates on a grand basis. This blog would like to highlight five such festivals that have Hawaii’s entire essence and history.

5 Best Festivals In Hawaii

Hawaii is a place of love and laughter. The festivals are so unique and grand that people travel to Hawaii from all over the world to witness it. Hawaiian islands celebrate special cultural celebrations that provide a particular dimension to every trip, even if you were planning on going for the natural splendor and white-sand beaches alone. The Aloha State’s cultural diversity sets it apart from anywhere else in the world. Here are a few famous festivals celebrated in Hawaii:

The Aloha Festivals

The Aloha festival began in 1946 with the whole intent of celebrating the Aloha spirit and the peaceful coexistence of various cultures, traditions, and customs in Hawaii. It is a month-long festival and is the most significant cultural festival in Hawaiian history. This festival takes place across the whole chain of the Hawaiian Islands. In the course of the festival, each of Hawaii’s islands holds its own festivities that focus on the island’s history.

Oahu hosts the most significant celebration, and visitors from other islands travel there to join in on the fun. They all congregate in Waikiki’s streets, visiting food stalls, playing games, and taking in the local culture. The procession down Kalakaua Avenue, which features colorful floral floats, is the highlight. There’s a vibrant carnival on Maui and exciting events on Kauai and the Big Island, where people come from all over.

Every year, in September, people gather to celebrate. Try to move to Hawaii in time for the next Aloha Festival if you intend to do so, and oh yes, do not forget to keep a floral Aloha shirt handy! 

Merrie Monarch Festival

The Merrie Monarch Festival is a must-attend event for hula devotees. It’s the world’s most famous hula event, having introduced hula to the world. Polynesian dances like the hula often feature music and chants called oli (called mele). Hawaii is the home of the hula. The Polynesian community, on the other hand, is responsible for the dance’s creation.

The first Merrie Monarch Festival was held in 1963, and it was named after Hawaii’s last reigning king, Kalakaua, who was known as The Merrie Monarch because of his love of music. Hula dancers, musicians, and artisans all took part in what eventually became a week-long festival. On the Big Island, the action takes place in Hilo.

First, there’s a traditional Hawaiian court procession, followed by an exhibition night (Hoike) when artists can display their works of art. It begins with performances by dance groups from other nations as part of the competition, and then there is a three-day hula tournament.

Ukulele Festival

When Roy and Kathy Sakuma founded the 1st Annual Hawaii Ukulele Festival in 1971, their stated goal was “to spread happiness and joy to all people via the music of the ukulele,” which they accomplished by hosting the 1st Annual Hawaii Ukulele Festival. The ukulele was not widely popular at the time, and Roy wanted to let others see the true gift and delight of all things ukulele-related.

Creating a community forum was something Roy had in mind, where people could come and witness the wonder of a ukulele being played for free and see that a soloist could create melodies that were independent and marked by sophistication, class, and virtuosity rather than merely rhythms to be relegated to the background. Roy’s efforts paid off, and the Ukelele festival is now one of the most famous festivals in Hawaii, and people from all parts of the world come to attend the same!

Waikiki Spam Jam

SPAM JAM, a street celebration in Waikiki, Hawaii, honors the state’s adoration of Hormel Foods’ SPAM, a slice of canned meat. SPAM can be found in Hawaii’s grocery and convenience stores, as well as numerous eateries and homes. In addition to Hawaii’s most renowned eateries, two stages will feature free entertainment, as well as a wide range of Hawaiian shops. In addition, the Hawaii Foodbank, the state’s most giant non-profit organization dedicated to feeding the hungry, will benefit from this event.

The State of Hawaii is hosting another cuisine festival. This event is well-known for its excellent food and family-friendly activities, and environment. This short-lived event begins at 4:00 p.m. and ends at 10:00 p.m. local time. Several of Hawaii’s finest restaurants shop between the stages, serving their delectable fare and having souvenir stands set up. Free admission makes it one of the most well-attended festivals in Hawaii.

Honolulu Festival

With the Honolulu Festival, the Hawaiian people collaborate with the Pacific Rim region to promote mutual understanding, economic collaboration, and ethnic peace. The Festival brings in tens of thousands of visitors each year, hoping for a once-in-a-lifetime Hawaii experience. The Honolulu Festival Foundation’s educational programs and events have helped the Festival showcase the region’s unique blend of Asian, Pacific, and Hawaiian cultures to everyone around the world.

Every year in March, from Friday through Sunday, the event hosts a three-day spectacle. At this festival, people perform dance and traditional art from all over the world. They come from places like Hawaii and the mainland United States and places like Japan, Tahiti, and the Philippines. The Festival concludes with a grand march down Waikiki’s Kalakaua Avenue. The Honolulu Festival’s events and activities are conveniently located near the city’s core, making them popular with residents and visitors. All events are free and open to the public so that anyone can enjoy the Festival.

Hawaii is a great place to sip beer by the beach and learn and understand more about their beautiful culture. The unique festivities that Hawaiians host make all of this all the more exciting and alluring to attend. So, what are you waiting for? If you are already in Hawaii, look out for the upcoming festivals and if you are based elsewhere, start planning a trip to Hawaii. 

Not to forget, any Hawaiian outing or festival is incomplete without those unique floral Aloha shirts! So, get them first and then do the rest!



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