Our Cutters and Our Seamsters - Leave a message for the team!

Our Cutters and Our Seamsters - Leave a message for the team!

January 18, 2023

Ninth Isle is honored to present our hard working VIPs, who each had a significant hand in hand-making your cloth face mask. It's a little early for a celebration or ceremony, but considering that many of you have invested your time to thank us and our team, this thank-you page has been made.  

Please meet our 2 fabric cutters, Samson and Way.

These two men are responsible for cutting fabric into the exact shapes and proportions of the face mask. Their cut fabric acts as an intuitive instruction manual and guide for our seamsters to help them quickly and accurately sew each mask. If you're wondering, we actually call and pronounce his name as "Way". Like "Way-to-go". Our longest running pun is "If there's Way, there's a way."

Next we have our seamstresses and seamsters. Let's use a list for this one. If not for each person, we would be incapacitated by the sheer volume of orders. 

Winnie, Julie & Ryan, Thina, Nga, Annie, Chen (Way's wife), Ann, and yours truly! 

Sewing was a massive challenge. During normal times, production works as an assembly line, each step has a dedicated time and person. During stay-at-home orders, we are only able to do what we can at home with our household members. Luckily, this means that those with kids are able to get free help. Those whose children have moved out, well, they just worked extra extra hard. We started with just Winnie and Julie/Ryan. The learning curve was steep, but they stepped up, shared info, and kept pushing out masks one by one. They were able to share this info with our later collaborators to significantly boost production. Each seamstress shared our values of providing necessary face masks for our community and country at an accessible price for all. This means that each person had donated their time and labor. It was this combined efforts on all sides that we are able to provide these quality hand-made multi-layered face masks at such affordable prices. On April 9th, we really saw the power of 8 professional seamsters and 1 nervous amatuer (me). We knocked out 75% - 80% of our backlog, which meant that not a single person waited more than 2 days for their order to get shipped. 

If you'd like to thank our 2 cutters and 8 seamsters, please leave your comments below. Things are still tough on everyone, so your kind words of encouragement keep us going!

We all would like to thank you as our customer, if not for your support and personal recommendations to friends, we wouldn't have the opportunity to use our skills for a good cause!

Note: We might be able to get photos of each person. I know many of them are shy, but let's see who can't be coaxed into OK-ing a little photo for the blog. 


David U

David U said:

Mahalo for your Quick service and Great products (face mask 3-4 layers & hat). Nicely made. In the future if you do make face masks with refillable filters I would be interested (I use Merv 13 filters). Of course customers need to provide their own filters. Great job!


Lillian said:

Just received my third order from you. I have purchased masks from numerous vendors; some were more expensive, some were cheaper. The quality, workmanship and comfort of your masks surpasses all others. Thank you!

Doti Alapai

Doti Alapai said:

These masks arrived super fast. Just two days from order date. I ordered the 4 layers. They are fantastic! Breathable and very comfortable to have on face! Mahalo Nui for the wonderful, fantastic work you all are providing to us. I ordered two more!😊🙏


Bootsy said:

Do your masks have the nose wire? Mahalo.

Carla Conover

Carla Conover said:

Thank you so much for making masks in this time of need! I don’t have a sewing machine or skills but don’t want to take away masks from those who need them, so I was so glad to find your non-medical but beautiful masks. Not only will they help protect me and my teenager, but they bring a smaller to my face and memories of beautiful Hawai’i (ok, and Lilo and Stitch!) . Lovely to have their beauty and joy amid all the stress of having to wear a mask! I hope you and all your families are doing well in all of this.


Crystal said:

To Sampson, Way, Winnie, Julie & Ryan, Thina, Nga, Annie, Chen (Way’s wife), Ann, and Ronald:

Thank you so much for making these face masks and doing so in a timely manner. My family and I received masks from you today. I got the Lilo and Stitch Mask, along with a blue Tsum Tsum mask before they ran out. I was incredibly impressed with how quick the order came, and how comfortable they are. I’m looking forward to using these masks when I go out. Due to the quick turnaround and the quality of the masks, I immediately ordered one for my friend in the UK, who’s currently working during the pandemic. I am looking forward to their reaction when they receive their masks. Thank you so much for making these quality facemasks!

Michele Chun

Michele Chun said:

I Thank All of you for your talents. I am an office manager for an ophthalmology office that specializes in retina. We stayed open for our older patients that required injection treatments in their eyes or go blind.
I got these masks for my doc’s who have worked so hard these last few months. Your special hands in making these beautiful masks will bring a smile to the faces of our patients during this difficult time.
Again…Thank you so much. Do know I appreciate you all.


Ginger said:

Thank you thank you thank you to the face mask production team, cutters and seamsters I was surprised to get our so well made quality mask made with love like the day after I ordered it now my family and I are never without a mask. Stay healthy, helpful, and calm….. God bless Ginger

Annabelle zabal

Annabelle zabal said:

Communication with ni th isle was awesome. From ordering to receiving the masks was a smooth transaction. Ninth isle sends shipping info and you are able to track your package through out its journey from Hawaii to the mainland.

The masks are sturdy and made very well. The fit is just right for me. I dont feel suffocated like other masks.
I will definitely be ordering more! Thank you to Ronald and his team!

Elisabeth Moreno

Elisabeth Moreno said:

My face mask was given to me by my daughter and I love it! Beautiful design and very sturdy! We appreciate the workmanship and the quick delivery. We love Hawaii and wish you much success!!!


Robin said:

Mahalo dear ninth isle crew!

I received seat covers and masks in record time. The items are not only great patterns but they are very well made!

I appreciate your attention to detail in regards to the side airbag opening for safety and will definitely be ordering more.


Nancy said:

I ordered the three pack of make it yourself face masks. Followed the online link for sewing directions. Thank you ! It was great having the precut materials, made all three yesterday. Will order again, but would like some more design choices geared for men. And was amazed at how fast the order arrived, ahead of schedule too!


KJ said:

I’ve bought so many masks—some costing over $22. Ninth Isle masks are my favorite. They are beautifully crafted with quality fabrics that don’t irritate my face (I’m super sensitive). The price is terrific, and they arrive almost immediately! It looks like they are made right near where I live which is very special to me :)


Pam said:

Received our masks today, in record time I might add. Thanks so much! So glad they are made in Hawaii (our favorite place in the world). Love the prints we chose and the stitching is fantastic. They are also very comfortable to wear.



Pam said:

Received our masks today, in record time I might add. Thanks so much! So glad they are made in Hawaii (our favorite place in the world). Love the prints we chose and the stitching is fantastic. They are also very comfortable to wear.



Twyla said:

Thank you thank you to all involved in making my family’s masks!!! We appreciate it so much theyre gorgeous and comfortable! We’ll always miss HI! Mahalo once again from palm desert 🤙🤙🤙 stay SAFE

L Davis

L Davis said:

Mahalo for the masks! I would say I’m the envy of my friends who saw pictures of the masks, but I think a few of them have already placed orders.

One suggestion – a mask that is primarily royal purple. I know at least one person (besides me) who would love that.


Nicole said:

Great job and superb quality on the facemasks I just purchased, mahalo for all of your time and dedication.


Julie said:

Just placed my order – so thankful to be able to support your community while receiving some FUN face masks (and a dress :) Stay safe until we can visit your beautiful home again! Mahalo from Campbell CA!


Sandy said:

Mahalo for creating a quality product that during a scary and uncertain time creates a feeling of comfort. Your face masks are not only beautiful but also very effective. Most of all, they remind of us of Ohana here in Cleveland, OH. That even though we may be far away in miles…we’re really only a loving thought away!

We miss the islands…Aloha until we meet again…


Doreen said:

The mask I’ve been ordering is good quality and even when the wrong mask was sent once it was immediately replaced at no extra cost . The shipping is quick and the price is reasonable. I’ve ordered more than once and very pleased with the quality and shipping .

Pansy said:

Thank you to everyone who put in time, energy, and hard work into creating these face masks. They bring the Aloha spirit and beauty into our home and our minds, which is much needed during these stressful and unpredictable times. We hope all of you are proud of your hard work as much as we are appreciative of it. Continue to stay safe and healthy. Mahalo!


Kate said:

I just ordered masks for myself and my husband, so we don’t have them yet, but the photos are beautiful. We have visited your lovely state so many times, we thought we would love to have some aloha masks to remind us of better times, and hopefully to support the wonderful people working and living there. Mahalo for making such wonderful masks so affordable. We can hardly wait for them to arrive here in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Laren said:

Hallo from Australia! Just wanted to express my gratitude for all your hard work, please take care of yourselves and each other. From my heart to yours, thank you!

Honey Grace Amano

Honey Grace Amano said:

Ordered 3 masks and it arrived super quick. I loved the designs and it was super comfortable. But an hour into wearing it, the strap broke. I guess that why I got it so fast. Cuz it was cheaply made. Super dissapointing.

Ninth Isle

Ninth Isle said:

Aloha Honey Grace!

We are so sorry that you got one broke, this is very uncharacteristic of our products. We put a lot of time and effort into making high-quality face masks for everyone. We also make an effort to quality check each and every mask before shipping. The mask you received had snuck passed our quality check. We are committed to ensuring that all of our customers get only the top quality masks and we will certainly get this situation fixed for you. I will send you an email to get more details before we mail you a replacement.

Thank you for bringing this up, our team reads this page often and it helps us identify where we need to pay twice as much attention. We are always looking for ways to improve and your feedback is critical to us.



Kari said:

Thank you for making these wonderful masks with filters. There are more and more cloth masks in the market, but I did the mask test, and yours is the most protective. I am so appreciative that you are using your expertise to help everyone. I will definitely order more! Please stay safe and take good care of each other, we all need you!

Aki Q

Aki Q said:

Aloha Dear Ninthisle!
Received my order today and I have to say that the masks are so beautiful…..The flag one is lightweight and the hibiscus one is just gorgeous …I want to thank you for making the face masks, they are so comfortable, breathable and also fun to use. Great job everybody! Hope to meet you next time when we come back home!

Charlie Ball

Charlie Ball said:

Thank you guys for the excellent mask I just received. Love to pattern and fit. Hawaii Born, support Hawaii business!
Daniel Voronin

Daniel Voronin said:

Aloha Ninth Isle!

I would like to take the time and this comment to thank every one of you at Ninth Isle for the commitment and hard work you put into making these fantastic products for people all over the world to enjoy paradise from anywhere across the world. I cannot say how thankful I am that this website exists and to finally order top quality Hawaiian shirts that are made in Hawaii!

The fabric, quality, and design all blend in to make such great shirts and Hawaiian facial masks! Having ordered Hawaiian shirts (both button down and pullovers) alongside masks as well with a boy cabana set for my nephew, you cannot say how thankful I am that you guys are here to work to ship out these incredible, high quality shirts/masks and other products you devote you time into.

Again, I am so glad you guys are serving people from all over the world during these unprecedented circumstances by shipping paradise from the wonderful state of Hawaii. Thank you all again!

Daniel Voronin

Yvonne Lamb

Yvonne Lamb said:

I truly love my designs. I did order another $50 worth. Still have not received.. 1st order received within a week..

Jim said:

Who thought we’d be commenting on masks? It’s a strange new world, isn’t it? But I have to say, the mask I bought was better than I had hoped for. Very comfortable, well made and well designed. And it looks great. So much better than my home made things. In fact, I’m back on your website to order a few more. Thanks for all your hard work.

Tabatha Teufler

Tabatha Teufler said:

While I have had to cancel two trips this year back to the island as the August 2 trip and 3 days wasn’t enough time to get the results back I’m glad that I found this website so that I may try and help the island and some of her people provide for their family. I will order more when I can. Thank you and stay safe and hope to see you all again soon on the island. Aloha Friends
Oñe Antonio Lamarr Hegwood

Oñe Antonio Lamarr Hegwood said:

Aloha Hawaîîan Family,

First and Foremost, Thank you for you, Thank you for always being yourself and also Thank yous to your families of our families.

I also want to Thank all members of Ninth Isle for you sharing Hawaîîan dedication in your quality of products. I know it’s Hawaîîan Tradition that all members of Hawaïï share in our support of all family of families.

Respectfully from me to you,


Oñe Antonio Lamarr Hegwood


Kate said:

My husband and I ordered 2 masks each a couple of weeks ago, the adjustable ones. They were just perfect; I shortened mine, and husband liked his just as they came. Comfortable and well made and gorgeous. They remind of us of our many cherished vacations to your beautiful islands. We were so satisfied with these masks that we just went back to your website to order several more. There are so many fun and beautiful designs it was hard to narrow it down to just a few! Mahalo for making all of this mask-wearing a little more bearable.

Thea Beaudet

Thea Beaudet said:

Love your masks!!! Appreciate all your work…..
BIll Gardner

BIll Gardner said:

Just got the shirts and masks we ordered, quicker than expected and better looking than the website! Had planned to go to Hawaii this year, but we got some island cheer through you guys. Thanks for great stuff and good service, keep safe….


Jeremiah said:

Hi! I received my masks today and am extremely happy with them. Extremely comfortable and love the tribal design. I ordered a few more today and have told my wife and friend and now onto a few more. Thank you. Great service as well.

Garry said:

Looking for a mask with a positive vibe during this pandemic, I found Ninth Isle’s products via Etsy. Not only are the shirts and masks I received packed exceptionally well and of fabulous quality, their communication and service and was top-shelf as well – thanks Ronald!! I’ve already had compliments and pointed them your way. From the opposite corner of the country in the Pine Tree state thank you Ninth Isle team and be well.

Dee R

Dee R said:

Thank you for such a nice face mask !!! I’m Thrilled.

Thank you for working so hard to provide us with the face mask during pandemic!!!
Stay safe to all of you.

Cherie Keller

Cherie Keller said:

Love them. Well made and beautiful. Since we are all having to wear them they might as well be pretty.
Dana L Burns

Dana L Burns said:

I LOVE MY MASK!!🤩 thank you sooooo much for your hard work!! 🧵✂ Hope things are going well for you guys. 💞
Sue in Denver

Sue in Denver said:

Just received our blue and gray turtle masks today and my husband and I both love them! Not only are they a great fit, they also make us feel like we’re on vacation during this tough time. Thank you to all of you who produce such a happy and useful product! May you all stay happy and healthy!
Worth H Norton

Worth H Norton said:

What a great mask for a big noggin like mine. Thanks!!!
Ronald, ALL at Ninth Isle

Ronald, ALL at Ninth Isle said:

Aloha!!! Mahalo!!! to everyone at Ninth Isle.

Every recommendation Ronald offered was great choice.
Thank you for top notch Hawaiian shirts for my husband, my blouses, cap to hold the mask “what a brilliant and clever invention” and our face masks. Thank you for all you do to keep us safe.


N. LENZ said:

LOVE my new face masks. Super CUTE and great QUALITY. THANK YOU for keeping us safe ;)*


Damien said:

Thanks again for all of your hard work! I’ve ordered like 10 masks altogether and sending them to family on the mainland.

FRancesca said:

Mahalo to everyone from ninth isle! Love my masks — well sewn and great quality! Excellent service and fast shipping ! 🤙🏼🌺 thank you ninth isle
Dee R.

Dee R. said:

Received Hawaiian Flowers ( light blue color )Muumuu today. Lovely blue color!!!

Beautiful fabric. I’m 5’ 1/2" tall, 135#, 38DD bra size, size large fits me the way I like, loose.
If you want to be little more fitting go with size Medium. Also the perfect matching face mask.
Just beautiful and comfortable.
My husband civid19 hat, came today and he is beyond thrilled. He was ecstatic with his first
covid19hat and he wanted another.

Thank you, Ronald for your wonderful customer service and without a doubt, I will be ordering more.

Be safe and Mahalo.


James said:

Aloha and Mahalo to everyone at Ninth Isle. Beautiful products and quality craftsmanship. You are the best! Mahalo nut loa.
Rhonda Van Tiflin

Rhonda Van Tiflin said:

Mahalo from Michigan! Thank you for your beautifully made masks. I have purchased approximately 10 masks from various crafters locally, and from Etsy, but my husband asked that I reach out and tell your craftsmen that the two we ordered from Ninth Isle are “the most comfortable masks he’s ever worn in his 5 months of his mask wearing experience”!👍

Lorry Shoniber

Lorry Shoniber said:

Thank you for the beautiful mask. I received it quickly and appreciate the adjustable ear loops. It works comfortably with sun glasses. I don’t go out too much but I will use it as soon as I do go out.
Mike And Amy Thompson

Mike And Amy Thompson said:

Our masks fit so well we’re about to order more! Thank you so much for making them beautiful and comfortable!

Jenny Schwab

Jenny Schwab said:

Love the masks! They fit my face perfectly. I have tried so many cloth masks from other brands since the pandemic. They didn’t fit very well. They were either too big or too small. I am glad I found Ninth Isle. They are comfortable to wear. They have so many options and styles to choose from. The price is right. It is awesome that it is made in Hawaii. Mahalo!
Brenda Bartenetti

Brenda Bartenetti said:

Wow. Found the right people to order these from. You can tell they were made with love and care. Mahalo to all of you. The whole family is wearing them with pride.
Shirley Lovre

Shirley Lovre said:

Just received our third order of your masks. They are beautifully crafted with a lot of thought behind designing the best masks available on the market. They are reversible, the ear bands are adjustable, and the Hawaiian motifs are so much fun to show off. We even received a gift youth mask. Thank you for this surprise treat! Your prompt service and follow up messages are appreciated. Mahalo to everyone at Ninth Isle! 🤙

Anne S. Grant

Anne S. Grant said:

Mahalo Nui Loa to everyone at Ninth Isle! My mother and I love your masks!

Margaret McD-S.

Margaret McD-S. said:

Feel so lucky and grateful to have found you. You’re the first masks (after purchasing from other sources)that fit and are comfortable to talk with them on. I am so appreciative of your loving care in making them(and all the other goodies offered!).
My husband loves his new shirt. Take care:)


Marianne said:

I ordered 1 mask and loved it so much I ordered 3 more! Comfortable, easy to talk and love all the colors and patterns. Thank you!!!🌴🌺

Raymond Hale

Raymond Hale said:

I was born on Oahu 82 years ago. Have been back many times, all of the people I have been in contact with were great. My father told me that if you do something do it right. I think you all must have herd him also. The hand written note says it all. I have already spread the good word. thank you. Mahalo
Ninth Isle

Ninth Isle said:

Mahalo for your kind words!! It’s good to hear that you received everything safe and sound. Wise words that we will be sure to keep following. Please stay safe and healthy!

Thanks for the praise and orders! We will keep working hard.

Good to hear that everything works well, we are always trying to improve, so if you have suggestions, feel free to email us. In fact, a lot of our improvements to masks are usually the unseen, but surely felt. Mahalo!

Glad to hear that you both like it! Thanks for your support!

Mahalo for your kind words! We are happy to hear that you got it. It’s a lot of fun to bring around some aloha, it gives us a lot of joy to mail these to all of our customers, so thanks for keeping us busy!

Karen Meredith Lindholm

Karen Meredith Lindholm said:

Having been born and raised in Hawaii (now in Texas), I have ordered several Hawaiian print masks from Etsy. I have to say, this is the best made, best fitting, most beautiful mask I have received. The print is beautiful — You can see the whole flower instead of 1/2 or less than half. I will be ordering a few more of these. Love them. Thanks so much for the great job y’all do, and thank you for bringing my Hawaii home to me. Aloha Nui Loa, Karen
Karen Meredith Lindholm

Karen Meredith Lindholm said:

Having been born and raised in Hawaii (now in Texas), I have ordered several Hawaiian print masks from Etsy. I have to say, this is the best made, best fitting, most beautiful mask I have received. The print is beautiful — You can see the whole flower instead of 1/2 or less than half. I will be ordering a few more of these. Love them. Thanks so much for the great job y’all do, and thank you for bringing my Hawaii home to me. Aloha Nui Loa, Karen
Kate Ackelson

Kate Ackelson said:

This is the 3rd order my husband and I have made for your well-made and attractive masks. They are simply the most comfortable ones we have found, plus they remind us of our many wonderful vacations to your islands. Thanks for being there for all of us.
Jim O

Jim O said:

I am now the proud owner of 4 of your masks. They are the best fitting and most comfortable masks I have come across. And I’ve gotten more than one comment on the designs. Great product! Thank you all so much!
Chris H

Chris H said:

I placed my order for 4 adult small masks on Friday, October 30 and received them in Florida on Thursday, November 5 – thanks!! They fit perfectly and are even prettier in person than the pictures. Got tons of compliments at work, so I told everyone where they could get their own. I’m so glad I found you – you guys rock!!

Joan Ray

Joan Ray said:

This is a beautifully made mask! I didn’t realize that it didn’t have an adjustable nose piece but love it anyway, and even without it, it fits fairly snuggly. ! I worried about how long it might take for something coming all the way from Hawaii to arrive in Maine, but was pleased that it only took a couple of days.

Do you have any with an adjustable nose piece? If so, I will order a few more, for me and for family members!

Thank you for creating such a beautiful, well crafted mask at an affordable price. I will be proud to wear it and know that I will get a lot of compliments!

Ninth Isle

Ninth Isle said:


@Joan – Please check your email! We are happy to make one with a nose wire for you, please reply to our email so we can get this going for you :)

@Chris, @Jim, @Kate
Thanks so much!! We are glad to hear that the masks are up to par! Our production partners are always looking at your comments and it encourages us to keep going!

Aloha! Come visit the islands again soon! It’s getting more fun by the year!


Angelina said:

Ronald and Ninth Isle Team,

I can’t thank you enough for your outstanding service and products.
I get so many compliments on my masks and my car seat covers. Thanks for taking care of my last order and getting the address corrected. Mahalo.
Angelina Harmond

Jean C Stockwell

Jean C Stockwell said:

It had been very difficult to find masks to properly fit my husband and my son. I wasted so much money and time trying to find some that would work. I am so very grateful I found your site. You offer larger sizes for those who need them, and they are actually big enough! My husband is Polynesian, so he and my son were overjoyed at your selection. Not only are your masks beautiful, but they are very well made, and they fit my guys perfectly! I have recommended you to everyone I know. I can’t thank you enough!!

Sibylle Saunders

Sibylle Saunders said:

My masks are beautiful, and I imagine the smell of ocean and Hawai. My head is a small size, and the small adult masks fit well.

My car looks new with the turtle, high quality car seat covers. I admire the skill that it takes to sew such a difficult and complicated pattern. The cotton feels so much better than the plastic.
Thank you for what you do!
Vermont cheers,


Claire said:

I’m a reoccurring customer, ordering masks from time to time. I think I’ve ordered over 20 masks in the last year. The quality of masks are beautiful. Customer service is great. One time, I didn’t specify a color, Ronald emailed me to double check which color I wanted before they shipped it. Another time, my shipment got lost and they helped me reorder. I’ve already sent over the website to people that compliment my masks! I will definitely keep ordering, especially when they keep adding new prints! You can never have too many at this point!
Michael Hope

Michael Hope said:

Prompt service! Got the Tribal Stingray towel and it looks and feels wonderful. I bought it to replace my old jumbo sized one that I bought in Haleiwa five or six years ago. 🤙🏼 Mahalo Nui Loa!

Jerri Hillam, A sweet healer from So CA!

Jerri Hillam, A sweet healer from So CA! said:

Installed our seat-covers, like squishing into a tight girdle, and the finished product demonstrates the cutting and needling prowess of your production pros! Thanks for that! I did search through the package, rather hopeful the team had inadvertently dropped in a bag of your island’s stinky buds… Mahalo!
Laurel Scott

Laurel Scott said:

I’m so impressed with Ninth Isle. The seat covers for my 2010 Honda CRV are perfect, and installing them was a snap! I wanted matching seatbelt covers, which are not part of their product line. Ron was super helpful, and had them custom- made for me! The covers are great, and they even added a hair scrunchie. Fantastic customer service with true aliha spirit! Mahalo nui loa!
Laurel Scott

Laurel Scott said:

I’m so impressed with Ninth Isle. The seat covers for my 2010 Honda CRV are perfect, and installing them was a snap! I wanted matching seatbelt covers, which are not part of their product line. Ron was super helpful, and had them custom- made for me! The covers are great, and they even added a hair scrunchie. Fantastic customer service with true aloha spirit! Mahalo nui loa!



Just received the face mask I ordered for my husband for Valentine’s Day! It’s perfect. Thanks so much!
Steve Mackay

Steve Mackay said:

Mahalo nui loa! You keep us all safe and surround us with aloha. We are mainlanders by birth, but will always be kanaka in spirit.
Larry K.

Larry K. said:

Love my new XL face masks. Great fit and so well made. Already checking the site to look at other designs to order some more. Mahalo!

Mark S

Mark S said:

I just received the Brown sea turtle seat covers. Fabric was much better quality than expected. The order was processed and shipped very quickly. Will definitely be ordering more products!


Gretchen said:

My reversible aprons arrived today and they’re awesome! I’m so excited to use them and thank you all for such a lovely product :)

Mark S

Mark S said:

We just received our second order, the wife is hooked! Great quality and prices. Everything is packed neatly and shipping is fast. The Kona coffe was amazing. We (the wife) will be ordering again as she found more shirts I need! Thank you!


Mahinala said:

Mahalo for the beautiful black turtle seat covers! Very good quality and is a daily reminder of my beloved Hawaii.

Gertrude C Hodge

Gertrude C Hodge said:

Please,give me a call reference your Car Seat Cover foe a Honda Passport Elite SUV 2021.
Gertrude C Hodge

Gertrude C Hodge said:

Please,give me a call reference your Car Seat Cover foe a Honda Passport Elite SUV 2021.
Ninth Isle

Ninth Isle said:


Thanks for asking! Just making a note that we already sent you a message by email.


Shelley Savage

Shelley Savage said:

Aloha. We ordered many muumuus and shirts for Christmas. All were beautiful. They wear well and wash well. Mahalo for all the hard work. Love love Hawaii. Hopefully we will be allowed to visit Oahu this fall.. love Shelley

Fay said:

I received my seat covers in very good time and I LOVE them! I bought the blue Sea Turtle design and they fit my Ford Escape like they were made just for my car. They are well constructed, great fabric, very comfortable to sit on and look WONDERFUL! THANK YOU!!
DiVitto Kelly

DiVitto Kelly said:

I bought these for our 2009 red convertible Beetle. They look great and we’ve received lots of comments. Thank again for the awesome craftsmanship!!
Stacy Seiki

Stacy Seiki said:

We bought about 2 dozen masks for family and friends on.the mainland. Your workmanship and attention to detail is impeccable. I will be ordering another batch soon since it looks like masks will be mandatory for a little longer

Colleen Hutchison

Colleen Hutchison said:

Hello, I ordered the black car seat covers with separate headrests. Seat covers have the surfboards and old cars design on them. They arrived today which is very fast since I just ordered them six days ago and I’m in Canada. I put them on my old truck today and they look great. My truck is navy color so the black looks good. I love them. Thank you so much.
Brenda Kuritzky

Brenda Kuritzky said:

OH MY GOD!!!!! I literally just opened the fed ex box and I LOVE this material — Hibiscus Flowers Light Blue. I am pleasantly surprised that the fabric is backed with a solid white, rather than just raw batting. It is truly outstanding. Once I figure out exactly what I need to do with this for my little business, I will DEFINITELY be ordering more. (And yes, I am shouting with joy!)
Kristi Doden

Kristi Doden said:

As a gift to my 2005 Prius that just turned over 300K and is going strong, I got fabulous turtle design seat covers. My little Prius looks so HAPPY now😀 I love the material- both how it looks and how it feels so much so that my partner ordered a set of seat covers for her Dodge Caravan. We just got them in the mail with a great mask included- really great design and fit on the mask too!

Matt said:

Big thank you to everyone making these! Ordered an Aloha shirt and it’s everything I hoped for and more! Construction and design are fantastic, the relaxed fit is just what I wanted. My wife and I can’t stop smiling when we look at the fabric. Thanks for making quality stuff that brings me so much joy!
Joseph Pignataro

Joseph Pignataro said:

The bandana and hats I ordered are light and cool, but tough as hell, the bandana especially. Well worth it.
Sharon K Sheffield

Sharon K Sheffield said:

Thank you to everyone involved with Ninth Isle products. I’ve ordered masks and scrunchies several times, and I love the fabric, the fit, and most of all the quality job that you all do. In a world that sometimes says “good enough,” it’s obvious that you want everything you do to be GREAT. Thanks for all you do, and hope you are taking care of yourselves.
Wicked Good

Wicked Good said:

Bless all of you who have helped supply masks! They are not just a fashion thing, they help save lives. For those of us who cannot be in beautiful Hawai’i, we wear a little bit of the good spirit of the people of the Islands. Mahalo!

Cherie said:

I send much gratitude to you all for your labor (intellectual, creative, physical, emotional) in the creation of my hat and mask. Your craftwork is beautiful, your customer service is spectacular, and your energy is felt in my items. Mahalo to you all from the Pacific Northwest.


Rupesh said:


Josh said:

Your masks were THE BEST. Most comfortable, fast shipping, best fit. Thank you for providing an excellent product.

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