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About NI
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Ninth Isle is a brand based in Oahu, Hawaii that was created in 2020 with the vision to create products that are influenced by the beauty of Hawaii. Cultivating stylish resort wear for women, men, and children, along with accessories, beauty, and home goods. 

With the goal of making individuals feel just as beautiful as they look with Ninth Isle, we strive to provide comfort, style, and simplistic elegance into our craft. We are delighted to showcase the beauty of paradise through our modern, bright, and vivid designs that capture the essence of tropical paradise.

Best Friends in Rompers

Our best-selling collection is our apparel line, where we curate quality pieces that are made right here in Hawaii, from the design process to the final stitches. Not only does this help to strengthen the local economy, but it also ensures that customers receive the highest quality garments. We aim to produce ethical and sustainable collections that we are excited to share with the world.

Ninth Isle has received love and encouragement from all over. We love to give back to the community that has supported our work since the very beginning. See how we are giving back to the community:

2020 COVID Lockdowns and Prevention

Back in 2020, Hawaii received the statewide lockdown mandate for all non-essential work to temporarily pause. The lockdown lasted 2 months and supplies ran low. News of infections and scrambles for basic disease preventative products painted a troubling trend. Out of all the supplies that were impossible to buy or only available at price gouging levels, we found that we were perfectly positioned to help by manufacturing face masks. We sought to support anyone we could with low cost face masks when all materials were scarce. In caring for and loving the community that has given us so much, we received so much kindness and support. See our history and the comments from the community by clicking here. 

2023 - Maui Wildfires - Beach Towel Fundraiser

Maui's wildfires had caught the world off guard with the combination of dry fire conditions and far reaching gusts from Hurricane Dora. The fires spread at ungodly speeds, the world could only listen and watch in horror at the devastating loss of life. Maui had banded together, rescued, treated, housed, and opened their hearts to each other. We were heartbroken for our Maui ohana. As a small business, we donated what we could, but we knew that our help was barely a drop in the bucket for Maui and we could do more. We considered donating apparel, but knew that Maui was already receiving clothes. Out of everything we had access to, only our towels were useful in a hard situation as it could be used as a blanket; it can be used as sun protection; possibly cut into bandages; used as a sandbag; turned into a rope; used as a wash cloth for those who aren't mobile; we found that towels were a godsend in a hard situation. We quickly connected with the Hawaii Chamber of Commerce to organize drop offs for donations and set up a towel campaign. We already heard so many kind words from our customers in the first 24 hours, we knew that together, we could make a noticeable difference. We set up the fundraiser, where customers bought towels to send to Maui, where Ninth Isle donated all funds after costs, and where our Ninth Isle Ohana can band together to help those hurt by the wildfires. See the timeline for the towel fundraiser here.