New Orchid Men's Aloha Shirt, Made in Hawaii


Such an iconic piece of Hawaiian culture, the Aloha Shirt is the perfect way to exude the aloha spirit on a daily basis with bright & vibrant colors wherever you may be in the world! Our super soft Aloha Shirts feature real coconut buttons with a matching left breast pocket in sizes up to 7XL. Hoping to get a complimenting dress or shirt for the rest of the family? Our Matching Collection is your one-stop shop for everyone big and small on your list!

Filled with vibrant orchid flowers & hints of palm leaves, our New Orchid design embodies the beauty & charm of Hawaii. This romantic print will make you fall in love across 2 colorways: black & red.

• 100% Rayon
• Offering S-7XL.
• Matching print left breast pocket.
• Real coconut buttons.
• Cut & sewn in Hawaii, USA.
• Machine washable.