Support by Donating and Sending a Towel to Maui

Our hearts go out to our friends, family, and neighbors in Lahaina, Kihei, Kula, and other areas in Maui. In times of need, we unite as a community to provide and care for our Ohana. Join us in sending towels to keep our Maui Ohana warm.

All towels go toward those affected by the Maui fire. We are partnering with the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii to deliver towels to Maui and to evacuees. 

All towel profits go to the Maui Strong Fund by the Hawaii Community Foundation. Click the links to learn more.  

In emergencies, towels can be used in many ways:

- Blanket (Jumbo Size Recommended)
- Bedding
- Cleaning floors, messes, etc.
- Water-saving sponge (towel) bath
- Sun Protection
- Makeshift Sand Bag
- Able to cut into makeshift rope/bandages 
- Simple face covering for smoke and dust
- Many more uses! 

     Fundraiser Ends -  Aug 18, 2023.   Extended to Aug 25,2023  

Fundraiser Updates

8/11/23 - Delivered 42 Towels to Chamber of Commerce Hawaii.
- Towels to be delivered to Pasha for free transport to Maui, where non-profits will receive and distribute to everyone in need.

Hawaii Chamber of Commerce - Donated Towels

8/12/23 - Towels delivered to the Pasha and en route to Maui

8/16/23 - Second delivery of 48 Jumbo Towels and 90 Cloth Face Masks. These were our extra thick towels, where 24 normally fit in a box, we could only put 18 per box. 


8/28/2023 - Mahalo for all your support! Together, we were able to bring over $2900 in product donations and $700+ in financial support to the Maui Strong Fund! In times of need, it is Ohana that helps the most. To everyone who was able to donate a towel, your support has given aid and comfort to those hurt by the wildfires. To everyone who kept the people of Maui in their hearts and prayers, your kindness has been felt and recognized. We are so proud to have such a wonderful community at Ninth Isle, thank you everyone! 

Maui Strong Donation - Ninth Isle Towel Campaign